We are privileged to have worked with a range clients of all shapes, sizes, ages and budgets. Hear what some of them have to say about the Styles by Liles experience below.

“Liles is the perfect solution for anyone who can't stand to shop (or doesn't have the time), but wants to look put together. She will bring a nicely edited selection of clothes to your home, so you can try them on whenever you find the time, and then she returns what you don't want! It could not be easier or more pleasant! The amount of time I save by not wandering aimlessly around the mall is priceless. Liles has a great sense of fashion that she easily tailors to your style. She is also just a lovely person and fun to work with. I hope she never retires!!!”
C. J. - Atlanta, GA
“After I had my third child, I called Liles because I desperately needed help. My body changed after number three, and I wanted clothes for work and "going out" that didn't scream mom but were also age appropriate and figure flattering. I felt like I kept spending money on new things but had nothing to wear. And, my husband kept asking me why I had nothing to wear when I kept buying stuff. Liles came by one afternoon, looked at my closet and quickly pegged my style. She came over a few weeks later with her selections, and I loved everything! It's seriously exactly what I would have bought if I knew how to shop and dress myself. Liles also provided advice on what was figure flattering and how to combine new pieces with what was in my closet already. I believe it actually will end up saving me money because Liles is so good about hitting the sales, and I'm no longer wasting money on stuff that I won't wear. Plus, my husband loves all of my new clothes. I can't recommend Liles enough!”
G. R. - Atlanta, GA
“I love looking put together but I don’t want to spend much time getting dressed every day. Before Liles, it would take me so long to pull together a fun outfit that I would often just throw on fun workout clothes instead. Liles spent time with me in my closet holding up each piece of clothing and telling me how I could wear it, giving me a variety of choices, putting it with the other things I already owned or suggesting a new piece here or there. She also made jewelry and shoe suggestions with each outfit and even let me take pictures of the potential outfits. She is professional, patient, creative, and a good listener. I wrote down all the combinations and now I can’t wait to get dressed, it’s so much fun and so easy! My next step is to do some shopping with Liles, because I loved her suggestions – they were tailored just right for me. I’ll bet she would be a great resource for anyone planning outfits for an upcoming trip!”
K. T. - Atlanta, GA
“I never have to worry about what to wear when I go out the door anymore. Liles put together outfits for every occasion and got rid of things that were out of style or did not flatter my body type. I feel so confident in what I wear now and I always get compliments! She is great!!! I could go on and on!! Please never stop doing this or move!!”
J. K. - Atlanta, GA
“Liles has truly changed the way that I dress and shop. The first session is shocking realizing how much in one’s closet should not be there, but after that, it becomes easier. After working with Liles for about 18 months, there is not an item in my closet that I don’t feel good wearing. I have gotten a compliment every time I have worn an outfit she picked out. Need I say more?”
B. P. - Atlanta, GA
“I really loved using Styles by Liles to get my winter wardrobe in shape. Liles is super easy to work with and not intimidating at all. She helped me clean out my closet, took my old clothes to the consignment shop, bought me new clothes to round out my wardrobe, and put outfits together for me. I love everything that she brought me, and I didn’t even have to go to the mall. What a treat! I highly recommend her to all.”
M. S. - Atlanta, GA