Need help with your wardrobe? Confused about what to throw away and what to keep? Hate to shop? Below is a list of my most requested services. However, there are endless possibilities that we can tailor to suit your needs.

Service rates are $150/hr. Please fill out the Style Questionnaire to start the process!

Closet Cleanout

We hate to admit it, but women accumulate clothes and accessories that were “trendy” or are just plain no longer in style, but we can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. I will help you make those painful decisions of what to keep and what to give to the garbage man. And many of my clients are surprised to find that we can give new life to your old pieces by coordinating with other clothes hanging in your closet or wardrobe additions I can suggest. When we’re finished, I’ll even haul off the old clothes to a consignment store of your choice.

Filling Your Closet Gaps

Whether we have purged your closet together or it’s already in good shape, we can work as a team to fill in the gaps and help you achieve “The Complete Closet.” I’m happy to shop alongside you, or to help you devise “The Plan” to help you maximize the value of your time and money when you hit the stores. If you hate to shop or just don’t have the time, I will do all of your shopping and bring everything to your doorstep! Keep what you like, and I will handle the returns.

The Perfect Outfit for the Perfect Occasion

Your closet may be well-maintained and updated, but you need help finding the right outfit for a certain occasion - whether it’s social, business-related, or even a vacation trip, I will shop with you or for you to find the perfect ensemble for your event.

The Photo Guidebook

You may have all of the tools in your wardrobe, but you have a little trouble remembering what to wear with what. We can have a personal photo shoot for which I will help you coordinate outfits and then take pictures. The book will serve as a guide to make sure you look your best each time you leave the house.

Husband's Helper

I have worked for husbands, boyfriends, and dads to help find the lady in their life the perfect gift. You can impress her by telling her you got a little professional help, or you can take all of the credit!